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Authorized Document ID: 0ff31b11

Address: Saudi Arabia – Riyadh – Almalqa District – 13524 SA

Hello and thank you for your interest in my photography. My name is Mohammed, and I am a landscape photographer based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I grew up in an environment filled with landscapes. In 2014, photography came into my life and completely changed the way I view the world. I am extremely passionate about what I do, and I hope you can see this from viewing my images.

I grabbed my first camera, a Canon EOS 650D with Tokina 11-16mm. I couldn’t help myself holding a camera. However, the mission was not easy, I had to learn how to handle all the settings. Some sessions from YouTube were enough to give me the basic settings of the camera. By the time I got involved more in landscape photography, I started investing more in advanced equipment.
I am a gear freak when it comes to having the best of the best. From my experience, landscape photography may have some kind of harshness when it comes to using the equipment, especially in the rain, snow weather, night photography, sandstorms, and beaches. Therefore, obtaining advanced equipment helped me achieve my desired goals.

The camera has truly changed my life and opened up my eyes to see the world from a different perspective. Being a landscape photographer for me is being outdoors at the moments when there is an amazing light. Seeing the sun over the horizon gives me the ultimate feeling of having the world to myself. I have always been obsessed with light and its beauty when making such a photograph. Through it, I express my thoughts and feelings about the moment that picture was taken and the wonders of nature that I encounter along the way.